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Ranks & Description

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Members & Ranks
Description of Clan Rankings


The Descriptions of the Various Rankings
Highest ranking in the clan. This person helps make the final decision.
There can only be three generals within the clan. These people also help in the decisions of the clan with the Commander.
Lietunenant General:
Third highest in clan. They help remotely with the decisions that the generals and the Commander discuss.
Major General:
Fourth highest rank within the clan. They find and report any problems within the clan and report it to the Generals for decisive action.
Brigadier General:
Fifth highest rank in the clan. They help announce upcoming events or clan changes to other members.
They are the head of their given division. They make the final decision of their own division.
Lieutenant Colonel:
They help the Colonel with the decisions he / she has to make regarding their division.
Majors have a little bit of control over division problems.
These people find and report any division issues or problems to the higher officers.
1st Lieutenant:
These people help other clan members with their problems. They also announce important changes in the division of which they are assigned to.
2nd Lieutenant:
This is the first step into major responsibilty in helping to maintain the division they are assigned to.
Chief Warrant Officer W5:
They are highest of the warrant officers. This member is incharge of a certain skill (like programing, bots, etc.) and they must be able to it flawlessly.
Warrant Officer W4:
These people know a lot about a skill and must be able to perform it.
Warrant Officer W3:
These people must know the skill and be able to explain how to execute it.
Warrant Officer W2:
These people know about the skill that they are assigned and must have seen it performed before.
Warrant Officer W1:
These people don't know much about the skill assigned, but are interested in learning about it.
Sergeant Major:

Top of army's bulk. Head of gaming, must have lots of skills in gaming. Very active member. Online everyday.
Master Gunnery Sergeant:

Exceptionally good in games. Active member, online every other day.
1st Sergeant:

Good in games. Is on atleast once every three days.

Gunnery Sergeant:

Above the average person's skill in games. Is on atleast once every four to five days.

Staff Sergeant:

Has about as average skill in gaming. Is on atleast once a week.


Not a very good gamer, but not horrible. Not very active, online once a week or two.


Not a good gamer, not much skill at all. Not active, might come on once a month.

Lance Corporal:

Absolutely no talent in games at all. Rarely seen ever.

Private First Class:

A member that is extremely inactive or has been behaving bad lately. Beginning of bot rank `Regular`.



Either fresh in the clan, or a member that is inactive. Bot rank `Guests