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The Story Behind the Making of the Silent Warriors Clan

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Picture From the Very Begining of Clan Formation
From Right to Left: Newb[Sw], SuddenDeath[Sw], Executor[Sw]

It all started when one day, a clan making vetran who couldn't seem to keep his clan maintained (aka. SuddenDeath[Sw]), joined up with a fierce warrior (aka. Newb[Sw]) who was willing to join forces and help with the maintenance.

They spent days on what they were to call themselves. After many weeks of going through various names, they decided upon the Silent Warriors. Both Newb[Sw] and SuddenDeath[Sw] decided on this name because they both were extremely silent when it came to war.

After coming up with the name, Newb[Sw] mentioned that he had another member of a long gone clan that wanted to join the Silent Warrior Horde. When his friend consented, he became known as Executor[Sw]. Thus the Trinity of Power was formed.

And so began an era of tyrany and dismay as the Silent Warrior Horde laid waste to its enemies. Word spread of this new entity, and soon all four corners of B.NET rang out.. "BEWARE ALL OF THOSE WHO DARE TO OPPOSE THE IMORTAL FORCES OF THE SILENT WARRIORS HORDE!"